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Aorus X9 Review: Dual graphics in a baroque package

With the Aorus X9 gaming laptop, Aorus has spared no expense in crafting a dream laptop for gamers. Everything starts with the surface design, that takes exactly the sport car styling favoured by gambling laptops into the next level. Its aluminium chassis is baroque-like, using an increase of sharp edges compared to a Gothic cathedral. I have never seen a more intricate laptop chassis style. More importantly, the X9 appears relatively slick to get a 17.3-inch gaming laptop, in just under 30mm in depth and weighing approximately 3.6kg.

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OPPO R9s review: Camera & Software

The device's "now, it's clear" tagline is a form of a double entendre, implying that the R9s provides clear photos that makes it the obvious choice. It's possibly somewhat awkward, but what's far more crucial is perhaps the claim remains water. The camera installation undoubtedly looks pretty killer on paper. OPPO states that the R9s features an customized Sony IMX398 1/2.8 inch detector, which is the second latest detector from Sony during writing. The IMX398 is truly making its introduction with this particular telephone, which is fairly impressive for a mid-range smartphone.

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OPPO R9s review: Hardware & Battery life

Excellent news for travellers or anyone wishing to work with multiple phone numbers: just like many options coming out of China, the OPPO R9s can be a unlocked dual sim smartphone. If you do not intend on making the most of the feature, you can alternatively make use of the additional slot for a micro sd card, upto 256 GB. The R9s does include 64GB of storage from the box though, which means you can end up not needing to be concerned about storage at all.

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OPPO R9s review: Display & Performance

With All the R9s, OPPO has Really Made a Turn out of Even though I never had the occasion to make use of the R9 specifically, I have used several smart phones with all the Helio P10. Based on my adventures using both the chips, I feel this can be a tiny but undoubtedly welcomed upgrade. There is also 4GB of RAM, which means you must not have any problem using medium to heavy multi tasking.

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OPPO R9s review: Cool Design

OPPO may possibly perhaps not have precisely the exact same degree of brand recognition from the West because Huawei or ZTE, but they will have long dominated the Chinese industry. Which should come as no surprise too, given their track record of launching impressive smart phones like the R7, N3, and Find 7. It's fairly apparent that OPPO is hoping to continue their successful fashion with the comfortably mid range OPPO R9s, a followup to continue year's R9. The issue is, should you consider the OPPO R9s over similarly-priced options like the ZTE Axon 7, that the Honor 8, or the OnePlus 3T? Now's the opportunity to take a closer look at this OPPO R9s review!

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OnePlus 5 Review, price and specification

For a company that comes outside and says specs do not make a phone good, they certainly do pack from the heat in an effort to get people excited. On paper, this thing is a beast, including a optional 8GB RAM + 128GB storage (or even 6GB + 64GB), double rear-facing cameras (20MP + 16MP), 5.5? FHD Optic AMOLED display (1080p, 401ppi, 16:9), NFC, fingerprint reader, USB Type C, Snapdragon 835 processor, and plenty of other stuff to get us Android nerds pumped up.

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