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Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Review: good mid-range phone

True phablet phones - the type that cause you to stretch your fingers cautious across the screen ANd that square measure an accident waiting to happen whereas with one hand - square measure a rarity currently, as phone makers have found inventive ways in which to suit giant screens on ever-smaller bodies. however it seems Sony has however to urge the memorandum, as its latest Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra brings back the enormous phablet style of past in a very 2018 mid-range flagship.

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Tefal Air Force 360 Review: Vacuuming is a breeze

With busy schedules, any device that helps to ease unit chores, like vacuuming, is far appreciated. Enter the Tefal Air Force 360 (AF360). it's a conductor handstick home appliance, quite like the Dyson V8 Absolute and that The Straits Times reviewed last August. Most handstick vacuum cleaners have the motor close to the cleansing head, however the AF360 has the motor on the hand grip just like the V8.

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Garmin Vivomove HR Review: a fitness tracker in disguise

Fitness trackers tend to not charm to the fashion-conscious, particularly once most of them look alike - tiny screens ill-treated onto a rubber wristband. The Garmin Vivomove HR unit of time is making an attempt to alter that. initially look, the Vivomove unit of time seems like a standard measuring instrument. it's a spherical face with analogue-style minute and hour hands.

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Apple will let people choose between a phone's speed and its battery life

Apple chief govt Tim Cook says individuals can before long be able to build the choice between their iPhone's performance and its battery life, following disceptation over the company's call to try and do it for them. Cook aforesaid that Associate in Nursing coming version of Apple's mobile iOS software package can permit iPhone house owners to show off the a part of their iPhone's package that slows it all the way down to preserve its battery life.

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Apple's iPhone slowdowns spur customers to hurry to court

iPhone users have begun sport to courthouses, angered by associate Apple package update that over-involved the operation of their smartphones. a minimum of 2 teams of consumers sued Apple on Thursday over the deterioration of their phones' performance. One group, in Chicago judicature, claims the package updates that throttle down the performance of iPhone five, iPhone vi and a few iPhone 7s were deliberately place bent on induce customers to shop for newer iPhones like iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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Aorus X9 Review: Dual graphics in a baroque package

With the Aorus X9 gaming laptop, Aorus has spared no expense in crafting a dream laptop for gamers. Everything starts with the surface design, that takes exactly the sport car styling favoured by gambling laptops into the next level. Its aluminium chassis is baroque-like, using an increase of sharp edges compared to a Gothic cathedral. I have never seen a more intricate laptop chassis style. More importantly, the X9 appears relatively slick to get a 17.3-inch gaming laptop, in just under 30mm in depth and weighing approximately 3.6kg.

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