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LG V20 Review and Short specification

I am aware this LG V20 inspection must have been out weeks before, but hey, better late than never, right? In fact, since you'll learn in the movie below, the V20 has only been among the harder mobiles to reassess. It is not that LG has not done some great things here, it is only that the V20 comes off as such a market device which has a little audience which the method of reviewing it needed to be figured out also. In any event, it is here, our LG V20 review.

But after spending some time on it off and on over the previous couple of weeks, I simply don't get the impression that this really is a telephone for everybody. This can be a telephone for those that prefer enormous phones which are tremendous for the interest of becoming enormous. This is a telephone for your serious audiophile that wants a Quad DAC at a smartphone. This is really for the expert founder who desires manual controllers at the camera or even the man who swaps batteries at least once every day.


What I do not believe the V20 is, is that the best general phone which gets the fundamentals right which is likely to produce the vast majority people happy. I am speaking about getting good cameras, a fantastic layout, manageable dimensions, the ideal applications, and an affordable price. LG probably had to cost the V20 in which it did since they comprised a DAC, HiFi movie and sound recording, and double cameras. Regrettably, it will become a challenging recommendation since Google's Pixel telephones, Samsung's Galaxy S7 lineup, and also the OnePlus 3T are all slightly cheaper and much better in the vital classes.

We will dive deeper into most of this in the movie below. But on a related note, V20 owners, and people receive it, you still love your own V20. I believe that is amazing even though this is not the telephone for the vast majority of us since the very best aspect of Android has at all times been option.