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Google Pixel / Pixel XL Review, Price and Specification

What goes on when Google ditches its cherished Nexus program to shoot tablet computers seriously? You obtain Pixel along with Pixel XL, two telephones with high end specs which are Made by Google (at Taiwan from HTC), cost tiers that generally just Samsung and Apple can compete in, and also a gigantic advertising campaign. Still another way to place that is -- Google is finally prepared to be your next smartphone maker, and perhaps not in a back-alley tinkerer, You can only come to my website to buy the discounted goods, hacky and very affordable sort of style.

The Pixel phones should be as good as some phones and Google is suggesting all about them. Our Google Pixel review should help determine if they're right. Google is with its premium Pixel lineup to today not simply highlight their vision for Android, but also to present a distinctive set of qualities that they expect will make it possible for these telephones to stand outside. I am talking Google Assistant, for the large part. But, Google has a unique launcher to get Pixel, is super hyped on the cameras that they used, and will most likely continue to add on new features as these phones get updates.


Did Google succeed this time around? They sure did assemble a couple of really pleasant phones, I will inform you that much. I have spent the better part of this previous two weeks alternating between the regular Pixel and the Pixel XL. It's now time to discuss the encounter. That is actually our Google Pixel review.


Even the 5-inch (1080p) and also 5.5-inch (1440p) AMOLED panels that Google used from the Pixel and Pixel XL are quite good. Since you'll notice in the image comparisons below of each phone to the Galaxy S7 and Nexus 6P, they also maintain their own in the brightness arena with all the S7 and also in color.

The Galaxy S7 does look slightly richer, especially in the event that you have a look at the blue image showing on each telephone. About the S7, you get a deep and lively blue, while the Pixel telephones reveal blue just with a touch of brown throughout also. Thankfully, the greys, which typically show how warm or cool a display as been tuned, seem place on for the large part. The XL's display is a bit more accurate to my attention, although the Pixel does possess a little blueish colour.


As fresh smartphones arrive, the Apple writers all pull out their benchmarks to see if anything can conquer their valuable iPhones. In most cases, Android telephones don't and they celebrate like anybody over here cares. What I could tell is that benchmarks do not mean sh*t in fact. With a telephone, like really touching it, opening apps, and carrying out the toughest of jobs without a hiccup is what really defines performance to me. With the Pixel and Pixel XL, you get a finely tuned beast from Google.

As you swipe into the app drawer around the Pixel Launcher the spirited fading animation skips a framework and Google Now's left-side swipe is even pretty damn easy. Folders and menus and apps and menus all show smooth animations that give off this feeling of truth as you navigate the UI. The camera loads in a split second. Even the signature latency has allegedly been greatly improved. Few phones ever run Android as good as Google's own mobiles and the Pixels aren't any exception.

Availability and Price

The availability of this Pixel and Pixel XL is pretty bad. At launch, the phones were available directly from Google, but a number of the choices sold out over a week or so. They were/are also sold as Verizon models through Best Buy and Verizon shops, though they aren't quite as hacker-friendly for those of you into bootloaders and that cryptic forum planet. The Verizon units are still completely SIM unlocked and are not filled with bloatware with any means, although not everybody is a Verizon customer. As of publish time, you can’t buy either phone at AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint.

Google is talking about this minimum carrier approach like it's had to start from scratch to construct relationships with carriers also that it's going to take time to receive their phones anywhere. But man, this just seems like such a missed opportunity, particularly since the inventory on the Google Store offered so quickly that folks have had to await months to find a hold of one. Google is always prepared to actually sell all mobiles they can, but that's just not going to be simple without even being in each carrier shop.


For the large part, Google lined up the specs you need to view in a high tier smartphone. They moved together with the top metal construct to start and then inserted a 2.15GHz Snapdragon 821 chip (quad-core, 64-bit), 4GB RAM, 5-inch (Pixel, FHD) and also 5.5-inch (Pixel XL, QHD) AMOLED displays, 32GB or 128GB storage (UFS 2.0), 12.3MP back camera (f/2.0, 1.55um), 8MP front camera, 2770mAh (Pixel) and 3450mAh (Pixel XL) batteries, USB Type-C port with rapid charging, fingerprint reader, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Bluetooth 4.2.