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OPPO R9s review: Cool Design

OPPO may possibly perhaps not have precisely the exact same degree of brand recognition from the West because Huawei or ZTE, but they will have long dominated the Chinese industry. Which should come as no surprise too, given their track record of launching impressive smart phones like the R7, N3, and Find 7. It's fairly apparent that OPPO is hoping to continue their successful fashion with the comfortably mid range OPPO R9s, a followup to continue year's R9. The issue is, should you consider the OPPO R9s over similarly-priced options like the ZTE Axon 7, that the Honor 8, or the OnePlus 3T? Now's the opportunity to take a closer look at this OPPO R9s review!


During my time with the R9s, I was frequently asked questions along the lines of “It that really an Android? It looks a lot like an iPhone!” Perhaps I shouldn’t criticize the phone identification skills (or lack thereof) of others in this case. The R9s does look a lot like the iPhone, from its identically-shaped body to its unmistakably similar speaker grill.


Additionally there is an iPhone esque silver ring across your home button, also, yes, to genuinely enjoy inspiration out of Apple way to also include the notorious rear camera bulge. Do not fret too much, however, because bump is only somewhat annoying when tapping on the top left area of the display on surfaces that are flat. Oddly enough, the antenna outlines on this version are a noteworthy departure from the preceding R9's powerful lines. OPPO's intention here may possibly have gone to space themselves out of Apple. In any situation, OPPO is not deceiving anyone using their design approaches.

Joking aside, the R9s' design is so quite fine despite its solid nature. It's unusually light and thin at 6.6M M and 145g, both of which measures under-cut comparable iPhone models. The R9s' build-quality is really where that design truly excels. The all-metal human anatomy is well tried-and-tested to state the very least, since it includes both a superior look and superior inhand feel. This really is becoming more and more crucial for mid sized apparatus just like the OPPO R9s, as consumers require even more because of his or her money.

Thankfully, that the small touches appear to have received the same advanced amount of attention. The sides buttons are both fine and tactile. The chamfers are clean. The house button doesn't lapse. Small details such as these are occasionally over looked but are perhaps equally too important, so OPPO's level of attention this is excellent to find out. Since the R9s' capacitive dwelling button includes an embedded fingerprint reader, it is possible to easily touch the button to unlock the device or authorize certain apps or purchases. It seems that the R9s is utilizing precisely the exact same writer as the OnePlus 3T, considering the fact that both OPPO and OnePlus are owned by parent company BBK Electronics.

Regardless, the R9s’ fingerprint reader is really fast while maintaining a high level of accuracy. This is only one of the greatest experiences available so far, and this is especially impressive when contemplating the R9s' cost. To the surfaces of the house button are just two illuminated keys: back and multitask, respectively. The illumination may be a tad brighter, but does the job in many situations. Although the design is the contrary of the back-home-multitask standard design, some favor using the back button on the perfect side, including myself.