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OPPO R9s review: Display & Performance

With All the R9s, OPPO has Really Made a Turn out of Even though I never had the occasion to make use of the R9 specifically, I have used several smart phones with all the Helio P10. Based on my adventures using both the chips, I feel this can be a tiny but undoubtedly welcomed upgrade. There is also 4GB of RAM, which means you must not have any problem using medium to heavy multi tasking.

Daytoday operation is good, although not wonderful. Inside my period together with R9s, I did not really take issue with its little sluggishness, however I absolutely understand that some may possibly be trying to find something a little snappier. Even the Snapdragon 625 can be really a strictly midsize processor, therefore that it's expectedly much less striking as the luxury Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821 in the daily performance and reference scores.


Since That the ZTE Axon 7 and the OnePlus 3T boat with the 820 and 821, but this places the R9s supporting of this package in the performance category. It's really a somewhat minor difference, however if you're doing enough research to be reading this review, it's possible that you will notice this because a considerable drawback.


Thankfully, Exceptional displays have become the norm for Anything more expensive than about $300. And, for the most part, the OPPO R9s' display lives upto my expectations. This model's screen is sized At 5.5-inches, even though in case you're searching for something slightly larger, The 6.0-inch OPPO R9s Plus might be well worth considering. The display size Translates into an normal tackling encounter, helped marginally by the Unusually compact side bezels. Those bezels are quite fashionable too, Although it's worth mentioning that the black edge across the screen Does detract a number of that beauty.

Since it's an AMOLED panel, colors seem very untidy and oversaturated. Lots of men and women prefer this particular look, however, because it makes all look quite brilliant. There's also a bundled "eye protection mode" reachable from either the quick toggles or the preferences, which adjusts the color temperatures to become warmer or even more yellow. This thereby reduces the total amount of blue lighting, which is supposedly bad before bedtime. While I'm unaware of significant study that concludes that this really enhances sleep, it really seems that it mightn't hurt.

The display's brightness level range is approximately what I anticipated. It's low enough for darker environments, and high enough to get some outdoor surroundings. When it's blue skies and bright though, you might have some trouble reading the display. For reference, it is smarter than the Axon 7 display, but falls short of the OnePlus 3T's display.

OPPO has implemented Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which provides protection against both scratches and drops. Sadly, I also found a very strange display coating on both of my inspection units, making the glass a absolute fingerprint magnet. This could be the worst display for fingerprints that I've found in the past memory, as smudges linger even with cleaning. While this may certainly annoy folks to varying amounts, I personally find this to be dangerously close to being a dealbreaker.