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OPPO R9s review: Hardware & Battery life

Excellent news for travellers or anyone wishing to work with multiple phone numbers: just like many options coming out of China, the OPPO R9s can be a unlocked dual sim smartphone. If you do not intend on making the most of the feature, you can alternatively make use of the additional slot for a micro sd card, upto 256 GB. The R9s does include 64GB of storage from the box though, which means you can end up not needing to be concerned about storage at all.

Unfortunately for many of our subscribers, the OPPO R9s has limited 4G LTE service. At the United States, for instance, you are going to be stuck with 3G on both AT&T and T-Mobile (and their MVNOs), that may be possibly this mobile's biggest draw back for Western users whilst the R9s' primary competitions all include aid for US 4G LTE. It is very important to keep in mind, though, that this phone works wherever it is officially sold. The United States sadly just isn't one of the niches.


The side-firing speaker on the OPPO R9s is reminiscent of this OnePlus 3T's. The sound is about exactly the same, but the sound quality does seem ever so slightly better here. It isn't anywhere near as fantastic since the ZTE Axon 7's dual stereo front-facing speaker installation, however it will get the job done. Luckily, OPPO has included a 3.5millimeter headphone jack, which means you won't be needing to transition to that dongle life on this specific device. Gleam neat equalizer comprised, dubbed Real HD sound. OPPO states that this feature was developed in collaboration with Dirac Research AB, "the planet's leading audio technology company."

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There are plenty of profiles to switch between based on the genre of music you are playing, however it could be even cooler if it contained and switched to some video profile mechanically. Currently, you have to dig quite deep into the settings to show off it, therefore if you're like me and you are switching between Spotify and YouTube frequently, you may be tempted to just turn off it completely since it does not sound very well when listening into normal speaking voices.

Battery life

I was a bit worried that the 3,010mAh non-removable battery wouldn't be enough to power through a complete day of use. But it seems that OPPO has included effective battery lifetime optimizations, as I had been always able to receive either one and a half days of usage with approximately four hours of screen-on period or one day of usage for around seven minutes of screen-on time. Those are some pretty impressive numbers no matter the way you frame it.

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Do bear in mind, but that my testing has been performed while linked to 3G networks, which is easier on the battery and therefore inflates these tests results. For what it's worth, I also utilized the device while attached to my college's Wi-Fi system, which covers the entire campus nicely with few "dead zones", outside. Of these days, battery life has been pretty much the same, and that's always to say this had been exceptional.

Whenever you do need to control the R9s, you can make use of OPPO's proprietary VOOC Fast Charging, which OPPO asserts charges the telephone from 0 to 75 percent in just half an hour. That's a really impressive rate rate, specially once you take into account how well VOOC handles heating dissipation. Much of the warmth generated remains from the wall adapter, as opposed to making its way to the phone's internals. Even though Qualcomm Quick Charge gets the advantage to be far more ubiquitous, it's hard to argue using VOOC's features.

Oh, MicroUSB, it feels as if you just will not go away; despite lots of smartphone manufacturers having already made the transition to the new reversible USB Type-C standard, OPPO is still still surviving in ancient 2015 with the R9s.