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Tefal Air Force 360 Review: Vacuuming is a breeze

With busy schedules, any device that helps to ease unit chores, like vacuuming, is far appreciated. Enter the Tefal Air Force 360 (AF360). it's a conductor handstick home appliance, quite like the Dyson V8 Absolute and that The Straits Times reviewed last August. Most handstick vacuum cleaners have the motor close to the cleansing head, however the AF360 has the motor on the hand grip just like the V8.

Thus, comparisons with the V8 square measure inevitable. however confine mind that the AF360 ($599) is almost 0.5 the value of the V8 ($1,099). The AF360 comes with the most hand-grip unit, the rod-extension attachment, the main-roller attachment, a crevice attachment, 2 brush attachments, a sofa-brush attachment and a wall mount.


The main hand-grip unit seems like a futurist gun once not fitted with any attachment. it's a trigger to begin cleansing. there's a clear bin ahead of the trigger that permits you to see the number of rubbish collected. there's a lever at the highest of the hand grip that you just carry to open the mud instrumentality. At the rear of the hand grip, you'll realize a lift button, that you press for high-octane vacuuming.

Assembling the AF360 is straightforward. simply attach the rod extension to the hand grip, attach the most roller to the rod extension and you're able to vacuum. the most roller is all you would like, because it will clean most floor surfaces - from tiles to carpets - in keeping with Tefal. The roller conjointly has lights, thus you'll see wherever it's entering into dark corners. this can be the attachment used most of the time for this review.

Unlike the V8's trigger that must be ironed perpetually throughout cleansing, the AF360's trigger is mechanically barred once ironed. Press it once more to unlock. The AF360 isn't as wheezy because the V8. However, it's not as nimble because the latter. The roller head doesn't flip similarly and there square measure some corners in my flat that I may reach with the V8 however couldn't with the AF360.

Also, there have been again and again after I accidentally ironed the Boost button with my forearm or skeletal muscle whereas squatting to succeed in those tight corners. perhaps having a slider button instead, sited on high of the hand grip, would be higher. Another sedative is once gap the mud instrumentality. Its lid falls ahead, which implies dirt is being pushed backwards towards you. you may wish to carry the hand grip any away before lifting the lever.

On paper, battery life is twenty minutes on traditional mode and twelve minutes on Boost mode. however it lasted half-hour on traditional mode throughout the tests - barely enough juice to vacuum my ninety sq m flat cleanly. It takes concerning 3 hours to totally charge the AF360's battery, that is 2 hours but what it takes for the V8 to be totally charged.